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Ryan Drendel

Omg, thank you for thinking of me. I’m actually fine / All good news on my end / I’m good / I’m fine / Alright! Super bored / on hold here until things get better / Everyone in my family is healthy right now. / Looooool honestly it’s been a pretty awful week / I’m trying to stay positive thouhg. / though* / I’ve been going to the hospital every day it’s super sad and scary / I’m also learning to make hash browns / I like really wanna play mini golf / I’m good. Cooped up in my house. I saw you in KP’s snapchat and thought I’d reach out. / I’m alright—busy finishing projects and learning to teach online. / Lol I still haven’t started working on mine / I ran 90 minutes yesterday. / my hair is gross now / I’m okay! Didn’t get everything done / lol what else is new / I’m busy learning to solve a Rubik’s Cube / I think things are going to get crazy in a week or two / Can’t wait to hug you Mom. I wish I knew Grandma then too. / I’m okay / I’m okay. / Dude I just watched Groundhog Day / Yeah pretty much same / I feel static / I’m bored. My brother and I are trying to do 1,000 pushups in 24 hours / Awwww that makes me so happy. / I’ve had some crazy dreams / Every day I wake to the sound of my neighbor yelling at her dog / Estoy muy triste que no puedo celebrar en persona hoy. Espero que estés jugando golf / Ya boy Zoomed tf out rn / I’m lacking motivation / it’s hard to focus on anything for a long time / Reading poetry has been my escape / Just trying to finish the semester so I can get fit this summer / oh man I can’t imagine how you feel / I had a rough week but I’m doing better now! / I think I’m throwing in the towel. 510. I can’t do another pushup without my elbow falling off / Yeah it’s getting real / I can do a Rubik’s Cube in 92 seconds now / Not too bad! Getting pretty bored / but I’m doing alright, becoming more productive / mayneeee fuck this / sorry I keep texting you expletives / I’m okay. / I’m just frustrated/worried / had some unrelated but stressful personal stuff happen Friday, which is when I think I sent you that pretty dismal-sounding email. / When I play a game of mini golf it will mean everything is okay / I don’t know if COVID-19 is making us more impactful artists or more emotional recipients of art. Either way, I’m glad we get to share words with each other during this time. / I totally feel that. I’m getting super bored lol / So far my weekend’s okay. / I’m upset about my mentors getting laid off. / Es básicamente lo mismo para mi excepto la cerveza en lugar del vino. / Yushhhh it’s been a wild few weeks / Thanks for checking on me though—I’m feeling better about the whole thing / I’m gonna go run my stress into my hamstrings 

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