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Nicole Walker

Dear Matt,

This is the exact kind of note I needed today. I'm going to go teach my evening Poetry class for the next 3 hours on Zoom (we won't make it that long, I hope) but then I'll sit and simmer on this and think how to run it. I think Rumpus or Lit Hub or the Nervous Breakdown would b a great idea! Kudos to your day-time-drinking resistance. I'm going to try to make until halfway through my class. It's grad. It's totally fine. :) 

next morning:

Good morning, dearest friend who I got to see in San Antonio!!!

In family news, we are all fine here. The kids have too much homework. Erik and I both Zoom into work. It's a lot of Zooming.

I was so sorry to hear about Tyler. I remember meeting him at least once. I can't believe he's gone. I'm glad to hear his passing wasn't lonely and that there was some great togetherness and peace that came out of it. Still, I'm sure Jenae's and your hearts are broken. Your family has suffered so much loss these past two years. I imagine you're tired of being strong. I'm glad you have each other to keep each other up. I wish I was there to be a third leg. 

In work news, I finally emerged from my mass of school-related emails to email you to say, this does seem like a great and fun idea. I can imagine we could even just start our own website and ask 3 people. Then, they ask three people and we publish them in little links. I'm imagining the old shampoo ad where "she tells three people and she tell two people and so on." Oh! i found it. Heather Locklear and Faberge:

Truthfully, I won't be too much use right off the bat. I'm on 11 thesis committees, which is killing me. Still, if you want to be number one guy on this, I am happy to be your number two. If I can find the Lithub people's email address, we could pitch them and the Rumpus and Nervous Breakdown too. If we ask the people we ask to ask three other people, really we'll just have to manage the emails. It would be great to see who would play. 

Let me know if you're still excited about and we can work each other up into a frenzy (or at least a static cling) of productivity. 



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