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Mireya S. Vela

Hi Nicole:

I hope you are well. 

In response to your email, I am doing really well. I had a really chaotic childhood, so I tend to thrive under stressful situations. Like everyone else, I've had some bad days. But my outlook started to turn around last week when my son (25 years old) moved in. He has autism. I didn't realize how stressed I was having him so far away. With him here, I have more of a schedule. In the morning, we all get up, have breakfast and split to our "offices" around the house to work. My son is finishing up a training program. My daughter (11 years old) is doing home schooling. And I either make art or continue to work on my second book. 

Both my kids and my work have become a framework. And somehow, because of them, my work feels more important.

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