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Karrie Ross

How Am I for How We Are.

Energized with purpose. I hadn’t felt like painting/exploring since end of 2019 so I figured I would just start drawing 7”x5” pieces of art with images that involved using what I call EGGs, EGGs with hands, legs and lots of expression. There is a coloring book up on amazon, EGGs Coloring Book do a search for my name. It is yellow and has 86 pages of EGGs. I had to stop drawing them sometime in April because I draw from what is going on in and around my life so with the quarantine for covid-19 I stopped when dead people started showing up in the subjects. So then I started reorganizing my computer files and ended up resizing some older children/adult books I wrote from early 2000s about bees, love, balloons, and such, a total of seven got resized and refocused. Anything to avoid making the new artwork, I tell you I created lots of lists and reorganized everything computer, backups, websites and the studio and more lists etc. Finally after undoing some frames I was gifted so I could put new work in ——the juices started to flow and dang if four new pieces, some neat surrealistic smalls, came and then I was asked to create artwork for two group shows and was accepted into two museum group shows. The calm has ended and now it seems it is time for the storm.

Why create? There is still a world out there that likes to see what others are doing. I do art. Back in February I was picked up by a gallery, sent my artwork and then BAM! the lockdown. I need to at least be thinking and planning if not making. An active mind builds character and purpose. And I was raised creating projects, things to do. I do art.

Why write? Funny enough during the quarantine my writing inspirations are clearly focused. Whenever I need to write about my art the words flow out and I feel more me than I have in a long time. Statements, bios, descriptions, poems and more all are on target. AND the online exhibitions seem to want more written material than I’m used to.

Don’t take the above ‘up’ feeling as me saying everything is great. I still have issues left over from a major fall in 2018 and another end of 2019. The quarantine helped some, yes it did, I no longer have to drive everywhere, now I just face-time or zoom, which is much better. And that’s enough of the ugh part of how I am.

My new pieces have been exciting. I started working with anodized wire again, it has an oil on it that sticks to my hands, smells, and reminds me of working in the garage with my Dad when I was young. I love making with wire, the shaping and sculpturing aspect, just great. I work with several different gauges from 28, 24, 22, 19, 15 and needle nose pliers and wire cutters. Another series I started are my The ONE dolls again where I take old fabric and cut out the human-like form and stuff it then do the wire thing… the sewing machine reminds me of working with my Mother, she was always fixing or creating something with fabric. Threading the needle for hand stitching, not being able to see the hole and poking my fingers bring back all super memories.

I participated in two collaborations so far where you either work with one person or a group to create an art project. I have noticed that organizations are jumping in with creating the opportunities for more online community activities. Not only more shows, but ways to join in on several different levels. The foundations are stepping up with grants and awards. The community has really raised to the occasion and I know I do and I’m sure we all appreciate their efforts.

I’m having to buy all my art supplies online but thankful for delivery services and the prime account I have so shipping is not an issue. At first it was inconvenient, I miss touching the art supplies and walking around the store and buying more than I need. I miss being able to meet friends and feel less restricted. But I’m 70yrs old and want to live a long life so I do not mess around. I wear my mask, a good one is not that easy to find, I wash hands and sanitize. I stay at home and communicate virtually. It goes without saying that these are strange times and the outcome is even more unknown than imagined. I think, I hope I image a better than what will come… life’s too long.

So back to the Why create, because that’s who I am.

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