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Justin Davis

For the most part busy and healthy. Working as an essential employee at a government job I definitely got my fair share of misinformation. In early March I heard, “Wearing masks won’t help at all with the virus.” End of April, “You need to wear N95’s or you’ll get it for sure!” End of May, “The standard surgical masks are fine, everyone is overreacting.” I personally would prefer an overreaction rather than risk death. Now that I’m only working only three or four days a week and for a couple of hours, I am home more. I get to see parts of my daughter’s life that I didn’t really get to see with my son. I love being home. I don’t understand people who don’t love being home. They’d rather be at work or take a trip to the store or drive for a couple hours just to leave their family? What? My home is where everything is. My family, my music, my dog, my green grass in the backyard.

I have also been able to connect more with my parents and brothers. We’ve texted more and talked more, making sure each of us is doing well. Most recently my younger brother and I made a cool quarantine music video with him playing the drums and me playing everything else. It was really hard to do. He was in another location and sent me the drum track that I just built on. It took hours, but I was proud of the finished product. I have also been taking apart most of my guitars and putting them back together just to see what I can learn. Before the pandemic I was too exhausted at the end of the day to do much with my music.

My biggest worry lately is misinformation. I hate it so much. Some nights I go on Facebook before bed and see a post or an article that is just so misleading or wrong that is takes me a good while to fall asleep. This is why I try not to look at my phone after 8:30 p.m. What I’ve seen on Facebook and twitter, even Instagram is so disheartening. The lack of empathy and heart in these posts genuinely hurts me and I hope that this country is headed in the right direction.

So, like I said. I’ve been busy and healthy. Most days are good, some days are stressful because we can’t take the kids out to the mall or the park, or I read something that just pisses me off. And I wish I could say this will all be over soon, but it looks like we are in this for the long haul. Or perhaps I’ve been misinformed.

How are you?

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