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Harold Greene

A couple of weeks into the shutdown due to the global Covid-19 pandemic we (my wife and two sons) settled into a routine.  Working from home, exercising, eating, streaming, sleeping, repeat.

My work has always been at home in my converted garage studio. Recently I have been more engaged with networking and social media leading to multiple projects and new clients. 

Despite my good fortune, I have been deeply moved by the events around the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police and the global response to it, especially the young protesters of all races.

The fact is, fear of the police is a constant for African American men; it's like background noise that goes unnoticed until it's not there. Profoundly not there when I'm traveling in other countries. Suddenly loud when my work day (many years ago) at a client's home was interrupted by LAPD officers for "woodworking while black". Apparently putting a varnish finish on the custom door I'd just installed raised suspicion with one of their neighbors.

Overall I am grateful. Grateful to be here; a descendant of slaves who persevered against all odds to live, work, create and fight to make life better for those who would follow.

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