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Frederick Gallun

Dear Anna,

I am so jealous of you for being out in the woods! We have been pretty much not leaving the apartment at all. Now that the weather is turning nice (and we have masks sewn by my clever friend and amazing cousin), we are probably going to venture out more. But it is always an intense thing to do with all the crazy people downtown - both the homeless and the runners and bikers who refuse to notice you as they zoom by. So, really, I prefer to just stay home. We have subscribed to the Hood River Organic CSA, and they drop off a box every Friday. They even bring milk! The grocery stores are harder to get a slot, but we have been pretty lucky so far. I eventually figured out that I could order beans and rice from a specialty online market in California, but they are slammed, so I am hoping maybe that will come by the end of next week. But, you know, these are pretty minor issues. Cathy and I are still working away, still getting paid, still healthy. We are getting closer during this time, talking things through better, finding new things to do together, cooking new things, going back to cooking dishes we haven't made in years. Over all, I feel like I am getting a lot of benefit out of this awful time. I wish it hadn't been, but I think, so far, I am happy with what I have done with the time I have been given.

Take care of yourself!!


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